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Legal Guides often gets asked questions relating to the same issues, therefore we have put together some guides to help you find the advice you need.  Each guide incorporates UK legislation and links to specific resources where necessary.


No Win No Fee

If you enter into a No Win No Fee agreement, your solicitor will take on your case aware of the fact that if you lose, they will not get paid. However, there is more to the costs than just your solicitors fees. If you do lose your case, you may still have to pay the legal costs of the person/body you are claiming against, and in some cases their disbursements, which are other expenses, such as fees for expert witnesses.

It is strongly advisable to purchase insurance to cover such legal costs should you lose your case. Your solicitor can arrange this on your behalf at the start of your claim. If your solicitor is unable to find a suitable insurer, they will advise you of this and how this may affect your claim.

If you win your case, you will need to pay your solicitor’s fees and also your disbursements. However, you should be able to get all, or the majority of these fees paid by your opponent.

Some solicitors also charge a success fee. This is to compensate your solicitor should you lose your case, or if you win, this fee may cover the period of time from the start of your claim to winning your case.

The amount of the success fee can vary. It can be determined by your type of case, and your chances of winning. In some cases the maximum success fee will be a percentage of your solicitors normal fee, whereas in other cases which are more complex, or if there is a trial, then a larger fixed fee may apply.

If you win, the court will usually order your opponents to pay most (or sometimes all) of your solicitor’s fees and disbursements (including the insurance premium). Any additional fees or costs incurred, including the success fee, which are not covered by the courts order, will have to come out of the compensation you are awarded.

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